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Managing Your Local Project Repos

Git is great for managing a project. And Github is a great way to share your git managed project with your teammates and the world. But, how do you manage all of those projects locally? I'm not claiming this is the only way or even the best way. It's just my way of managing the repos I need to have locally. So let's get down to it.

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Welcome John Dyer!

CustomInk technology is proud to announce that John Dyer is our newest Inker! Following the new hire tradition, John pushed his first deploy within a couple days of arrival.

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Welcome, Dan Hensgen

Let me start off by apologizing to Dan for such a belated welcome post. It is belated for good reason though. Normally we mark our new engineer's first deploy. Today does not mark Dan's first deploy to production. But today's deploy is the culmination of many deploys. And, it has been the one I've been waiting for. Dan actually started in the middle of May, and we immediately began working on a maintenance project. We would be replacing a reliable,...

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