Posted On 29 Aug 2014

Dynamic SVGs Using <defs> Elements & JavaScript

The scalable vector graphics format has a really nifty way to define and reuse objects. It does this by allowing objects or paths to be defined in the <defs> element and then used one or many times with the <use> element. It is a great way to keep your SVG's file size low. Even better, it makes for a great programmatic interface to dynamically compose an image. While designing the third iteration of my personal blog, I decided to...

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Posted On 26 Aug 2014

Modular CSS with SUIT CSS

Structuring CSS is hard. I have worked on many projects where the CSS was just an afterthought, a hack to get the page to look a particular way. With the increasing interest in frontend tools and development, these days are behind us. Ask yourself the question, "how and why do we apply structure to the code we write?" Now you might wonder, why don't we apply these same rules and considerations to the CSS (and Sass) that we write? There...

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Posted On 22 Aug 2014

Welcome John Dyer!

CustomInk technology is proud to announce that John Dyer is our newest Inker! Following the new hire tradition, John pushed his first deploy within a couple days of arrival.

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Posted On 15 Aug 2014

Tapas Time!

The engineering team at CustomInk is always looking to learn new things. We've come to realize that the density of the information is not always the most important thing. Rather, exploring a single idea in depth can be a lot of fun. Avdi Grimm's Ruby Tapas has provided us with a really simple way to execute on this idea.

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Posted On 12 Aug 2014

Learning Ruby on Rails

Learning a new programming language is not easy, and learning a new framework on top of that is definitely not easy, unless you have the right resources and mentors. Here at CustomInk they have provided me with an environment that facilitates learning and produces results. This has made my journey of learning ruby on rails substantially easier. On my first day it seemed that the team had planned out my journey very well. I began my introduction to both the...

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