Full-Stack to Functions & Back Again Talk

We love open source. We build on open source technology and we strive to give back to the community. One of our Engineers - Ken Collins - discovered a creative way to map a Lambda request to a Rack request for a Full-Stack Rails application. We open sourced the Lamby project to provide a minimal amount of code to allow your Rails project to respond to incoming Lambda events.

Ken shared our story of monoliths to microservices to Lamby at the AWS Washington DC Meet Up in August and we recorded this talk because it captures our technology journey over the years.


Learn how thinking big with AWS Lambda and moving to Full-Stack Serverless using Web Application Frameworks could help your company's cloud adoption & innovation cycles. This is Custom Ink's story of our lift & shift cloud migration to cloud-native using Lamby, a Rack/HTTP adapter for API Gateway or Application Load Balancers, as one of our tools to help deliver AWS Well-Architected solutions in a versatile programming environment that uses many languages.


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by Chris Mar