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Outrunning a Hurricane

Two guys are walking thru the woods when they see a charging Grizzly Bear. First guy says "Run for it!" Second guy says, "You can't outrun a Grizzly!" First guy says "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU." This past Fall, Hurricane Joaquin was threatening to hit the East Coast. Many models had Northern Va (also known as US East-1) in its crosshairs. The Derecho of 2012 showed that AWS Regions are vulnerable to...

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How to Dismantle a Data Center

Sorry for the bad reference to a great U2 Album, but taking out a data center was not as an easy endeavor as it seemed. It took too much planning, coordination, prioritization and sometimes resorted to endless begging for an engineer or developer to get applications moved, but that’s another story. I’m here to share the fun of finally getting a chance to tearing down the hard work, rip out all of the well routed networking cables and pull the...

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To the Cloud!

This month, WebOps overcame one of our final hurdles to rid ourselves of managing hardware, joining the likes of Netflix, AirBnB, and Dropbox in the cloud. We had been on a steady migration path and each step of the way, it has been a win for everyone; WebOps, Developers, Business Customers and most importantly, our customers. CustomInk now has more server capacity at it’s disposal than AOL when I left in 2010 all for an incremental hourly fee.

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