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Ken Collins - Our AWS Hero

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide array of tools, storage, guides, and services for hosting and monitoring your web and cloud applications. There is no shortage of what AWS can do, with an ever increasing set of new tools at your disposal. With Custom Ink hosted on AWS, it is essential that our company stays ahead of the curve and takes initiative in keeping up with latest industry trends and standards. This allows us to provide the most secure,...

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Prevalence of Mobile Technology and Adapting to the Industry with React Native

Having your mobile phone on you has become almost a daily necessity. Yesterday, I was driving and while I was looking at my dwindling battery life, I considered what I could do if I didn’t have my phone. Well, since I had my car… I could drive home.. But that’s about it. I couldn’t get ahold of any of my family or friends without being able to call them. I wouldn’t be able to find out the best traffic route,...

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This previous week I had the privilege of attending the Nation Frontrunner’s React JavaScript conference ( This is a ReactJS and Javascript web stack conference and one of the bigger events of this type in the Mid-Atlantic region. Custom Ink served as one of the three main sponsors to the event and were graciously given extra tickets for employees to attend and gain important knowledge in this field of technology. This year’s event was held in Washington DC at the...

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